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All Things Flamenco

Cajones Mario CortesSept. 3 to Sept. 5 2010. Plaza De Agustin Lara and Plaza de la Corrala (Google Maps is not clear on either one of them: please type in Calle Meson de Paredes 66 instead)

The summer of 2010 is far from over. The first Muestra y Exposición Internacional Flamenca (MEIF) is being held this weekend in Lavapiés and provides for yet another series of sultry nights, both for Flamenco lovers and newbies.

Castañuelas, dresses and guitars, shoes and cajones are all there for sale or just for admiration. In case that sounds  a bit too tacky, please note that only the best brands are represented: dancing shoes from Menkes and Gallardo, cajones from Mario Cortés (photo), guitars from Giralda and dresses from Guadalupe. It just does not get any more flamenco than that.

At night the main stage is used for music and dance, but also for workshops with castañuelas,  cajones and guitars. Again, no tourist trap thingies but just how flamenco should be. Keep enjoying  the summer.


The Netherlands-Spain in 24 messages

What being Dutch in Spain during a World football Championship provokes.

July 7: the day Spain beat Germany and it became clear the final was going to be The Netherlands vs Spain:

A says: What a final…

B says: May the best team win and two thumbs up for the relationships between the Spanish and the Dutch 😉

C says: Congrats. Will be exciting Sunday! Enjoy the celebrations.

D says: Looks like you forgot about us, we’ll see each other in the final! Stop fu… I mean painting and put something red on! Big kisses

On The Day:

E says: Hi Joli, I hope you are having a good time and that you are enjoying your holidays! You are running ninth in the betting pool, so forget it. F, G and H are on the first position. Kisses.

J invited you to join the Facebook group “Let’s paint Facebook orange!”

K says: with lots of love:

2 Missed calls (It was L, wishing me lots of luck)

M says: Dear Jolijn, Greetings from China!!!  I’ve been meaning to write to you for a looong time to let you know how excited I am that the Netherlands is going to win the World Cup!!  If you are still in Spain, it must be a little awkward to be rooting for the Dutch, but I would assume you are, right???  It will actually be the wee hours in the morning here when the GREAT Dutch team actually surpasses Spain, so I might not stay up to watch it happen, but I’ll be so happy when I awake to the morning news when the whole WORLD will know that the Dutch are the world champs!!!

N says: Welcome in Oranjeland. See you soon at the train station.

O says: Just arrived at the stadium. Mad house! Need your help: got any Spanish insults for me?

O says: Madrid? No, I am in Johannesburg!

P says: Hoi, ready for the big WC Final? I am looking forward to see who will win! Lots of greetings!

P says: After octopus Paul, it is already clear who will win…I am going to watch anyway. Enjoy!

Q says: Hi Jolijn! I am sure you are in South Africa…or just on holiday, but I am a bit worried because you are not saying anything even though I teased you with La Roja… Anyway, I am sending you the water bill. Kiss

R says: Hey darling! Before the start of what will happen this afternoon, I only wanted to wish you good luck. May the best team win!! (or Spain… haha) Enjoy it a lot and we will see each other soon. Big kiss Jolijn!

Half time:

S says: I am very sorry, but you can NOT be proud of the style of your team. It is NOT fair play, or beautiful for that matter.

Spain wins 0-1

B says: Good match. But one team had to win…kisses

Q says: Hello…I am sorry honey…kiss

O says: Sorry everybody, it is all my fault… and burning flags is ‘not done’ here either 😦

T says: I am sorry but we deserved to win and we have won. Also, you are a bunch of pigs because of the fouls. By the way, how are you? Hugs.

U says: Thanks for the info. I am sorry for you. Enjoy your holidays!

E says: Oh oh, I am sorry, haha

K says: My dear Dutch friend, I have warned you well before of what was going to happen. When you get back, we will prepare a dinner to make peace again, with lots of butter of course, to compensate for having lost the championship. Enjoy your holidays.

Four years left before the next one…. For a more balanced review of the game, see the NY Times