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Wine Tasting Course, Lesson 1: Drink It.

Your typical wine tasting course will teach you about body, legs and nose (yes, all to be found in wine) and one day, I will too. But let us start from the very beginning before introducing you to the fascinating world of WineSpeak. How to drink wine? Well, by drinking it, basically.

Wine that you have bought in supermarkets and bodegas is ready for drinking. There is no need to lay it down in a moldy and dark cellar, providing you have one, because your wine is in its best moment for consumption right now. It will not really gain anything anymore by having it collecting dust in a drawer.

Throw away your bottles of white and rosé that say 2004 and only open a bottle of 2005 if you have an alternative spare one. 2006 should still be fine, 2007 is no problem at all and the first bottles of 2008 will arrive in supermarket within weeks. White wine and rosé hardly contain natural preservatives, as opposed to red wine. The more time red wine has spent in a barrel, the more preservatives (coming from grape skins and wood)  it has accumulated and the longer you can keep it, but why would you? Drink it!