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On the Origin of Species on Formentera: 2. The animal population.

Formentera’s animal population consists of many:

Lizards. The rocky and dry island is home to an amazing number of very green male and a lot less green female lizards. Once you leave the beach or road and enter the forest you will hear them running away from you. However, if you keep still for a while, they will begin to see you as part of their surroundings and might even run over you. The lizards on the Balearic Islands are supposed to be a special kind with extra long toes and fingers. In the old days the ladies of the house apparently tamed one with some food and took pride in the fact that the lizard then dropped by every day to claim its ration. Sure enough, this still works. In fact, it works so well that with a few crumbs of magdalena (normal brand, I swear!),  three others show up as well, a fight is started, even more show up and the overwhelmed lizard whisperer then decides to finish breakfast inside the house.

Centipedes and mosquitos. I assume no description is needed for any one of these animals, other than that both are available in copious amounts.

The three aforementioned species have even developed an odd type of symbiosis, of which the purpose is not yet clear. You will find all three at night in an outdoor toilet for example: a centipede will start running between your feet, while you try to prevent a mosquito biting in your ankle and another one sucking blood from your buttocks. In between, you are staring in the eyes of an annoyed and stressed lizard, who has managed to fall in the sink and is not able to escape due to the slippery walls but still seems to be perfectly willing to attack you when it gets the chance. Staying in a house in the country is an excellent way to reconnect with Mother Nature again.