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Nobody Is Watching Anymore

The last time Cine Bogart, one of many abandoned landmarks in Madrid, was in the news was when okupas (squatters) entered to hold their conference for better housing in 2006. And this year, a gallery organized a photo shoot and decided to use Old Bogie, graffiti left by the squatters included.

When they left, the 90-year-old entrances were shut with cement to discourage wannabee tenants and things went quiet again. Just as they have been for the last 7, 8 years, according to the porter next door. He has fond memories of the hours he spent there watching movies but even when the cinema was still opened, the interior looked as from another century: red velvet, impressive staircases, arches and wrought iron. From a time when grabbing a movie was still a grand night out.

Those days are long gone now and all that is left to observe now from Antiguo Teatro Cine Bogart is the exterior. Beautiful architecture, dark wood and blue tiles are most interestingly combined with texts coming from a spray can, grey cement and colorful, fresh posters announcing the events that will take place in salas that are not closed yet.

And what will happen how? Nobody knows for sure but rumor goes that the building is up for sale. If you are a fan of good memories and better movies, this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Cine Bogart
Calle Cedaceros 7
Metro Sevilla
Article first published on http://www.MAPmagazine.com, autumn 2007