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For The Money, But Just a Little

Microteatro por Dinero

Wednesday to Sunday between 19:30 – 01:00 hours
Calle Loreto y Chicote 9
Tickets €3
Metro: Callao, Gran Via

For just a tiny amount of money you can actually add an entire work of theatre to your night out and still have plenty of time to see two more plays and catch the last subway. The Microteatro Por Dinero presents complete works of art for only 3 euro a piece, in less than 15 minutes each and for less than 15 spectators at a time.

The theatre started as a project to honor the prostitutes in the streets surrounding the Plaza de la Luna at the time when the neighborhood was transformed from seedy and avoid-at-all-costs drug hole to hipper-than-hip place to be -with still a few ladies of the night left- and has matured into a wonderful initiative and a strange mixture of professionalism and hobby.

Directors and actors that make their money during the day with the real thing do not feel too good to put in some extra energy at night for a mini-version of themselves. The sessions are nicely announced on flat screens while many posters are actually drawn by hand with felt tips. The rooms are too small not to touch your neighbors thighs by accident and the actors actually need to inform the audience when a play has finished because 10 minutes just go too fast and new visitors are already waiting outside.

For those with an appetite for more the sesión golfa (just a small reminder of the barrio’s old days) offers monologues from actresses after midnight. Hurry!