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Now in a Mini-Theatre Very, Very Near You.

Teatro de las Aguas

yes, it is a theatre
yes, it is a theatre

Calle de las Aguas 8
Metro La Latina
Tel: 91 3669642
Bar downstairs open Wed-Sat 21:00-01:00 (knock on door)

You pass it every day but it is only after your friends mention it to you that you discover that the ugly and old door of the neighboring building is actually the entrance of a theatre. How could you have been so blind and insensitive to your surroundings? Do not blame yourself too much: a number of small theatres in Madrid go to great lengths to hide themselves for the big audience and stay as underground as possible. But you – expert on anything unusual in your city- know, of course…


 Nothing glamorous, no posters, no ticket offices and yet every inch a stage for aspiring actors: Teatro de las Aguas comes with a script. Tickets need to be bought in the bar at number 6, the door will not open until 10 minutes before the play starts, the seats remind you of the ones used in waiting rooms and the play shown may not necessarily be a brilliant and well acted piece of high brow art. However, every play will be a surprise, ticket prices are only a shadow of the ones charged by main stream theatres and you might just witness an outstanding performance of a very talented (future) actor or group.  At least it will give you something to mull over during drinks later.


And speaking of drinks: the theatre plays a double role as bar de copas, well known by madrileños. You will need to find the same anonymous entrance door, and then knock on it. The venue is small, alternative, has pretty foul air but is extremely artistic and unexpectedly close to home.