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The Netherlands-Spain in 24 messages

What being Dutch in Spain during a World football Championship provokes.

July 7: the day Spain beat Germany and it became clear the final was going to be The Netherlands vs Spain:

A says: What a final…

B says: May the best team win and two thumbs up for the relationships between the Spanish and the Dutch 😉

C says: Congrats. Will be exciting Sunday! Enjoy the celebrations.

D says: Looks like you forgot about us, we’ll see each other in the final! Stop fu… I mean painting and put something red on! Big kisses

On The Day:

E says: Hi Joli, I hope you are having a good time and that you are enjoying your holidays! You are running ninth in the betting pool, so forget it. F, G and H are on the first position. Kisses.

J invited you to join the Facebook group “Let’s paint Facebook orange!”

K says: with lots of love:

2 Missed calls (It was L, wishing me lots of luck)

M says: Dear Jolijn, Greetings from China!!!  I’ve been meaning to write to you for a looong time to let you know how excited I am that the Netherlands is going to win the World Cup!!  If you are still in Spain, it must be a little awkward to be rooting for the Dutch, but I would assume you are, right???  It will actually be the wee hours in the morning here when the GREAT Dutch team actually surpasses Spain, so I might not stay up to watch it happen, but I’ll be so happy when I awake to the morning news when the whole WORLD will know that the Dutch are the world champs!!!

N says: Welcome in Oranjeland. See you soon at the train station.

O says: Just arrived at the stadium. Mad house! Need your help: got any Spanish insults for me?

O says: Madrid? No, I am in Johannesburg!

P says: Hoi, ready for the big WC Final? I am looking forward to see who will win! Lots of greetings!

P says: After octopus Paul, it is already clear who will win…I am going to watch anyway. Enjoy!

Q says: Hi Jolijn! I am sure you are in South Africa…or just on holiday, but I am a bit worried because you are not saying anything even though I teased you with La Roja… Anyway, I am sending you the water bill. Kiss

R says: Hey darling! Before the start of what will happen this afternoon, I only wanted to wish you good luck. May the best team win!! (or Spain… haha) Enjoy it a lot and we will see each other soon. Big kiss Jolijn!

Half time:

S says: I am very sorry, but you can NOT be proud of the style of your team. It is NOT fair play, or beautiful for that matter.

Spain wins 0-1

B says: Good match. But one team had to win…kisses

Q says: Hello…I am sorry honey…kiss

O says: Sorry everybody, it is all my fault… and burning flags is ‘not done’ here either 😦

T says: I am sorry but we deserved to win and we have won. Also, you are a bunch of pigs because of the fouls. By the way, how are you? Hugs.

U says: Thanks for the info. I am sorry for you. Enjoy your holidays!

E says: Oh oh, I am sorry, haha

K says: My dear Dutch friend, I have warned you well before of what was going to happen. When you get back, we will prepare a dinner to make peace again, with lots of butter of course, to compensate for having lost the championship. Enjoy your holidays.

Four years left before the next one…. For a more balanced review of the game, see the NY Times